The Project


The main overall objective is the synchrony of tourism and business development, related to the many strengths of each of the territories concerned by making use of smart technology and to better present local and regional touristic itineraries which will contribute and is in line with the specific objectives of the Programme bettering natural and cultural assets and improving a smart and sustainable economic development.

Create amazing VR database using high resolution images. Merge technology with culture. Better connected regions through the creation of new touristic routes and promotion of local products and services. The project aims at creating a joint Virtual Reality Platform to favor sustainable tourism growth, diminish seasonality and promote new technologies and innovative approaches and tools in tourism marketing. A joint model for cultural routes management will be developed to promote lesser-known destinations and several actions will be carried out to improve skills in the field of cultural heritage preservation.


The immersive nature of VR enables everyone to experience a virtual version of a destination, attraction or unique point of view. VR can cause strong emotions more convincingly than just viewing images or reading customer reviews can achieve. Because customers usually require lots of information before a trip, you can significantly shorten the process of researching and seeking information by using VR. VR experiences offer an effective way to show their trip could look like and give them confidence that they are dealing with an honest vendor with nothing to hide, before arriving at a purchase decision.


  • Allowing users to imagine themselves at a travel destination
  • Being able to showcase 360 degrees of a destination in high resolution
  • Enabling users to explore a scene at their own will
  • Creating memorable and unique experiences for the user
  • Creating unique immersive experiences
  • Allowing travel experiences to those that cannot travel
  • Increase the impact of tourism on vulnerable destinations


  • Explore the history and the beauty
  • A unique experience to discover
  • Create unforgettable memories
  • A breathtaking destination